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Ivan Raczkowski

Networks / IT / DevOps

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About Me


I am Ivan, a Network and IT professional from Argentina

I am a fan of networks, eager to learn and progress . I adapt easily to any workgroup. I am neat and orderly . and I am also a very nice and funny person.

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My Skills

Network knowledge80%

Infrastructure and Virtualization70%

Linux and Unix systems 76%


Cisco Technology75%

Mikrotik Routerboards85%

Networks monitoring tools 76%


High school

School E.E.M. Nº 446, city of Venado Tuerto. Title in Humanities and Social Sciences.


Until completed third year of Bachelor of Computer Science in the Faculty of Exact Sciences belonging to the UNR .


Centro de Innovación Tecnológica de la Fundación Libertad

CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate.

CCNA Security.

Intensive training in computer networks oriented to file the international certification of Cisco CCNA.

Intensive training in GNU / Linux oriented to obtain international certification LPIC­1.

Udemy Online

Network Security: Check Point CCSA Boot Camp.

Asterisk Made Easy: Learn to install Asterisk and Linux.

Mastering in BGP Cisco.


CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) CSCO12081645.

MTCNA (Mikrotik Certified Network Associate) 1609NA191.

MTCRE (Mikrotik Certified Routing Engineer) 1609RE060.

MTCTCE (Mikrotik Certified Traffic Control Engineer) 1712TCE7550.

MTCINE (Mikrotik Certified Inter-Networking Engineer) 1909INE4224.

NSE2 (Fortinet Network Security Associate) VLEMWDLXRX.

Hurrican Electric ipv6 Certified

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What i do


I have skills needed to design, install and maintain networks of small, medium, and large enterprise environments. My skills range from setup and operate LANs, WANs and VoIP, to the use of protocols and technologies such as Ethernet, IP, PPP, Frame Relay, RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, VLANs and traffic filtering . I can configure and troubleshoot of devices such as routers and switches based on a Cisco, 3Com, Dell, Huawei and Mikrotik software.

Security and Monitoring

I have skills needed to mount servers to monitor and filtering traffic of a entire network, such as the Nagios software implementation with your various aplications as NRPE. Cactis. SmokePing, Ntop. Observium. Use tools for penetration testing, discovery backdoors. Aplications for sniffing and analyze networks, such as Wireshark, Tcpdump, Iptraf, Nmap. Firewalls based on Linux and Unix, filtering web with Squid+Dans Guardian, Websense Software. Implementation platforms UTM with Sophos, Check Point and Fortinet, with rules for proxy web, explicit and transparent, authentication integration Kerberos and NTLM on virtual schemas based on a Microsoft systems over Hyper-V. Configuring IPS and Antivirus control. Reverse Proxy wth SSL Portals.

Linux and Virtualization

I have skills needed to installing and managing of linux operating systems, and your tools for networking and development enviroment. Developing and scripting for automatization tasks in bash, powershell. Technologies for virtualization as VMware ESXi, KVM, Hyper-V, Dynamips, Dynagen and virtualization as a services using containers platforms such as Docker.

Front End Developer

Create websites responsives with HTML5, CSS, PHP, JavaScripts, JQuery, Bootstrap. Integration with APIs and Databases.

Mikrotik Scripting and API

Scripting for automatization tasks in RouterOS, integrate failover and redundancy wan links. Developing with API and PHP.

Wireless Technologies

Design and implementation Wireless Networks with Mikrotiks Routerboards and Ubiquiti Access Points


Projects Complete


Happy Bosses


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2017 | Trainer


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2016 | Infraestructure Consultant


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2014-2016 | Network and IT Support


2011-2014 | Network Consultant


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2011-2012 | Work for Cetcom on a Medic Clinic


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2011 | Freelance Consultant

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